Introduction: We have many different types of termination boxes available to suit your needs. Please contact us for your Fibre Optic requirements.

Product overview: Fibre optic termination boxes are fiber optic management products used to protect and distribute the optical fiber links in FTTH (Fibre to the home) network.

Application:These termination boxes are used throughout many different situations but not limited to:

  • Used in FTTH access network
  • Telecommunication networks
  • CATV networks
  • Data communications networks
  • Local Area Networks


  • Industry Standard User Interface, made of high impact plastic, IP65
  • Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant
  • Can accommodate many different size of PLC splitter
  • Support up to 16 FTTH drop cables
  • Wall or pole mountable
  • Multiple inlet ports, multiple outlet ports

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