About Us

Started in 1984 from a kitchen table, Cable Ways initially produced patch panels, wall plates and data distribution hardware to meet local demand.  The local demand was echoed internationally and  in 1987 Cable Ways Ltd was incorporated.  We were soon distributing in Australia, Asia, Europe and the smaller Pacific islands.

Cable Ways has since grown to be a trusted brand across New Zealand business sectors which including telecommunications, data networks, utilities, transportation, security and entertainment.

Our products are designed and manufactured at our Auckland facilities, where we have capabilities in computer modelling, engineering, metal and plastic fabrication, mechanical and electrical assembly.  We offer integrated solutions, ready to fit your hardware and can accommodate larger production runs along with low volume bespoke custom products.  By utilising the TOC and Kaizen in our daily production, we ensure a reduction of constraints and continuous improvement.  These benefits we share, in the form of focused quality products and affordable costs.

A customer centred approach, provided by a highly experienced team, builds long term relationships, many exceeding 25 years.  Cable Ways produces innovative solutions that meet a wide variety of customer needs.  We produce quality products, that help you reduce the whole life cost of the project.  With thousands of cabinets in the field, many over 25 years, we know that our designs work over a long term and provide peace of mind with security to their networks.

Cable Ways remains a privately owned company with the flexibility to quickly respond to market changes and opportunities. This ability to react also enables us to make fast decisions and adapt designs and production as required.

Our goal is to deliver quality, innovative and cost effective solutions which meet the changing needs and standards of today’s market, delivered in full, on time, to specification and within budget.

We look forward to meeting your needs and being of service to you.

David S. Hobday