If your supply of water comes from rain tanks, contaminated municipality water, wells, rivers, ponds, or similar, Lightwell can help you to convert the raw water into drinkable water.

Providing a safer, brighter future.

Safe – Designed to provide safe drinkable water from a variety of non-saline sources such as rain tanks, contaminated municipal water, wells, rivers and ponds.

Flexible – Can be configured for a variety of applications including schools, offices, homes, public parks, remote communities, emergency response.

Standalone – Self-contained water purification and lighting system. It filters water from your roof, river, lake, wall or tank mounted into drinkable safe water.

Compact – An area of 1.2 x 1.2 m2 can supply up to 3000 litres of drinkable water every day.

Low maintenance – Designed to draw energy from the grid or solar panels to power the water pump, lights (if required) and charging. Automatic self-cleaning every month or manual on demand.

Social Enterprise – We help communities to build their local social enterprise in drinkable water supply.

Green technology, affordable light – Powered by solar panels.

Safe water – Filtration of non-saline surface water, groundwater or rainwater. Pathogens removal of 99.99% pathogen.