LC Series

Fiber Adapters

These LC fiber adapters are designed for interconnecting single-mode or multimode patch cables with minimal loss. A standard duplex LC adapter is the same size as a UTP copper connector port. Other connector adapters and styles are available.

  • Fiber Telecommunication System
  • Optical Fiber sensor
  • Optical Fiber CATV
  • Test Instrument Simplex
  • Cable to cable connection SM/PC SM/APC MM/PC
  • CATV network
  • Optical fiber data transfer
  • Fiber Optic Access Network
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Duplex
  • Optical distribution frame (ODF)


  • Insertion loss: <= 0.20dB
  • Repeatability: <= 0.10dB
  • Exchangeability: <=0.20dB
  • Sleeve material: ceramic/metal
  • Operating temperature: -40°C~+80°C

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