Please choose you right splice tray from below

Tray A

Tray B

Tray S-1

Tray S-2


  • Easy for installation and sealing with two plug boards and a few screws
  • Convenient for cable branching with large space inside a closure
  • Good sealing performance with the resilient integrated seal
  • The in/out holes for cables can be sealed fast and simply
  • Splice tray of a particular structure, applicable to ribbon and integrated bundle cable
  • Excellent fiber routing design
  • Fibre bend radius, not less than 30mm
  • Aging-resistant plastic and corrosion-resistant sheet metal
  • Supporting multiple installation modes including overhead mounted, wall mounted, pole-mounted and manhole-mounted
  • Fast and easy sealing of closure body and inlet/outlet for fiber cables
  • Full journey fiber routing design, sufficient fiber storage space
  • Optical splice tray applicable to ribbon and bundle cable, random configuration under the maximum capacity
  • Large storage space for a splice tray with greater than 90° overturn angle, easy for maintenance and expansion
  • Configurable with grounding device and valve
  • Service life is not less than 20 years
  • Rated to IP68

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