FSDI4SPSN – 4 Fibre Splice / Patch FTTH Indoor Wall Box

Four fibre splice or mechanical terminations

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  • Provides an indoor, dust resistant and accessible housing for 4 or 8 x optical fibre services
  • Provides a compact splice/patch enclosure for 4 individual services, each on a single optical fibre
  • Can house up to 4 x FC, SC or A/SC, or 8 x LC through adaptors (patch only)
  • Pigtails through adaptors and heat shrink splice protectors available separately
  • Allows for line testing
  • Mounts conveniently in a suitable position
  • Has a pivot open, clip on/off cover for easy access
  • Has a pivot tray inside for fibre cord storage
  • Four fibre splice or mechanical terminations
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 110m x 30mm