PON Power Meter

PON Power Meter – FHP3P01

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Optical Fibre Range is portable, high quality PON optical power meter. It is specifically designed to meet the rapid growth of FTTx market with PON (Passive Optical Network) technologies. It is capable to measure all three signals (1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm) that carry voice, data and video, so-called triple-play applications along with a single fiber. FHP3P01 can measure not only 1490nm and 1550nm optical signal, but also accurately detect and measure the upstream burst at 1310nm sent from an ONU while the ONU is in the idle mode. The simple operation and accurate measurement make FHP3P01 becomes an ideal tool for PON (suitable for APON, BPON, EPON and GPON application) installation/acceptance test to ensure that they meet required standards, and service activation and troubleshooting.
Service Activation Testing:
Optimising network reliability requires that all PON signals be measured all the way through service activation to ensure they meet established standards. The FHP3P01 offers the features to address this need:

  • Pass-through connection for ONT signal measurement and simultaneous measurement of all PON signals
  • Filtered detectors for individual measurement of each wavelength
  • Upstream burst detection at 1310nm

Troubleshooting Testing:
Throughout the maintenance phase, various transmission problems, fiber cuts, damaged/dirty connectors, macro-bending, optical transmitter failure, etc – may ultimately cause signal loss or degradation. Benefit from the FHP3P01 troubleshooting functionalities:

  • Quick, on-site test and measurement of PON signals, anywhere on the network
  • Fault identification and isolation


  • Hand-held and battery operated
  • TFT LCD Display with high resolution
  • Filtered measurements with the distinct power display
  • Simultaneous measurement and display power lever of 1310, 1490, 1550nm WL
  • Pass/Fail function available – up to 10 user-defined threshold
  • Ability to upgrade software through the USB interface
  • 1000 Sets Data Storage
  • Software to generate Testing Report

Specifications: FHP3P01 (1310NM)
Measurement Range 40dBm~ +10dBm (Continuous Data stream)
Burst Measurement Range -32dBm~ +10dBm (1310nm burst signal)
Spectral Passband 1260nm~1360nm
Insertion Loss 1.5dB
Accuracy** ±0.5dB
Linearity 0.2dB
Data Storage 1000 Sets
Display 2.8 inch TFT LCD
Refresh Rate of Display 2.5Hz
Threshold 10 sets (configured via PC-based software)
Auto Power Off Yes
Number of Ports 2 (1 for ONU, 1 for OLT & Video)
Operating Temperature -10 to +500°C
Relative Humidity 0%~95%, non-condensing
Power Supply 1.2V*4pcs Ni-MH AA, 12V AC/DC Adapter
Battery life > 20 hours
Dimension (mm) 190L x 105W x 55H
Net Weight 700g
Note ** Valid at 1550nm, CW, 23±3°C, Relative Humidity < 70%, with an FC connector