A 19”/ETSI/23”, mounting ISO sized equipment enclosure comprising two supporting cross locked portal frames.  The portal frames are adjustable fore and aft to accommodate equipment with differing access needs.

The base unit has under floor cable access in front of, between and behind the portal frame caps.  This allows solid copper, braided coaxial or fibre cables direct access to vertical cable trays without misalignment.  Additionally the rear face of the base has a flexible membrane which allows cable entry at floor level and avoids the need to site drill access holes.  Alternatively a standard, or customer defined cable entry gland plate may be fitted to replace the membrane.

The base portal caps accept 12mm diameter bolts to seismically attach the cabinet, base and roof holes coincide.

The cabinet top incorporates an optional forced air cooling system which avoids the need for exposed fans on the top surface whilst providing the first level of protection against water damage from fire sprinklers.  The outgoing air may be vented either backwards (standard) or forwards.  Additional fan trays and blower units are available to meet specific cooling needs.

The cabinet may be sealed to IP43, where additional protection is required.

600 mm wide cabinets have 50 x 100 mm top cable entries provided at each corner.  These align with cable trays to offer a managed solution for outgoing cables.  800 mm wide cabinets are fitted with double size cable entry plates at each corner, 100 x 100 mm.

100 and 200 mm wide cable trays may be fitted in front, between, and behind the equipment mounting portal frames.

The sides are simply aligned on location dowls fitted to the base.  Two locks secure the side to the top.  Complete side removal is achieved within 30 seconds to allow unrestricted access for installation or service.  In industrial environments filters may be internally fitted over the ventilation slots on the side panels.

To simplify installation needs, doors may be hung either left or right handed and may be secured by a single, or three point locking system.

Evolution over the years has seen a variety of functional and cosmetic changes, but the original basic concept remains sound and is the standard used by many international companies. Now in its 15th year of supply the cabinet system continues to meet local and export demand for strength and flexibility.


  • extreme flexibility for custom design adaptation
  • fully nock down-able for transport by camel and access into roof cavities
  • ease of set-up, installation and service
  • time proved design, 15 years continuous production
  • fully integrated CAD/CAM facility to accommodate customers special requirements

Material specifications:

Portal Frames: 2.5mm CRPS NZSCC-50
Base: 2.0mm CRPS NZSCC-50
Top & Transparent Doors: 1.6mm CRPS NZSCC-50
Sides & Plain Doors: 1.2mm CRPS NZSCC-50

Powder coated material is de-greased then pre-treated against corrosion with zinc phosphate, to NZ Architectural standards.

All other steel is Bright Acid Zinc plate and Gold passivated.

Plastics: cable entry covers are: ABS 94V1
cable entry membrane: EVA 94V1
Fans: ball bearing, 110/230v
UL/ISA, in. 40,000hours
Fixings: 100%, plated ISO metric cap screws and nylocks.
Tools: an Allen key & ring spanner are supplied with each cabinet

Industry applications

  • Telecom:
Commercial point of presence, HO server farms
  • Data:
ISP server farms, corporate
  • Broadcast:
Studio, transmission sites
  • Banking:
Head office servers, branch servers
  • AV:
Home automation, production studio
  • Power Generation:
Back up power supply for switch yards
  • Transport:
Airport systems control, flight data servers
  • Education:
Server farms, research labs