Speaker Stands

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  • Cables are routed within the stand exiting below the top plate and have large entry and exit holes to allow for both terminated and bare wire connection
  • Both super spikes and soft spike feet are offered for increased performance
  • The 8mm base plate creates a low center of gravity aiding enhanced stability
  • The optional anti-resonance kit consisting of lead shot and seals provides for the ultimate in dead mass speaker stand dampening
  • Sand is offered along with the product to achieve ultimate dead mass dampening
  • Speaker stands are precision laser cut and can be custom made to a variety of heights.

Available in Black only

PRASS300 – Speaker stand 300mm high, one pair
PRASS600 – Speaker stand 600mm high, one pair
PRASS900 – Speaker stand 900mm high, one pair
PRACSS300 – Centre speaker stand, 300mm high
PRACSS600 – Centre speaker stand, 600mm high

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300mm high one pair, 600mm high one pair, 900mm high one pair, Centre 300mm high, Centre 600mm high