900Ah, 48V Battery Cabinet with charge controller, DC distribution and 23RU equipment frame

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Product features

  • All locks are IP56 rated and flush fitting, without any visible external actuating system.
  • Air filters are site washable with water and detergent and have a service life exceeding 5 years.
  • Alternative cooling systems for warmer environments include, dynamically managed absorptive PCM systems and long life processor controlled thermal electric coolers.
  • The simple low power (26W) thermal management, ensures the absence of hot spots.
  • Up to three strings of 150Ah blocks per side, are seismically constrained within a welded cross braced substructure.
  • The 150mm high, welded hot dip galvanised steel plinth, simplifies handling of robust cables.
  • Removable covers give good access to the base ducts.
  • Robust and reliable three point locking systems are fitted to all doors.
  • The equipment bay depth may be reduced to for shallow equipment.
  • Generous cable gland plates allow for multiple glands and the unconstrained management of ridged coaxial cabling.