Battery Box 4150

Underground Battery Enclosure

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Product Code: UBH4150
Underground battery housing is designed to suit a string of blocks up to 150Ah (4 x 155Ah blocks)
Inside Dimensions: 450W x 600L x 300H

Product overview

  • With the unrelenting pressure of increased service expectancy, comes the demand on network designers and engineering departments to squeeze additional equipment into already crowded cabinets and equipment shelters.
  • The positioning of lead acid batteries inside equipment cabinets has been a traditional solution to field applied technologies, however, the mixing of batteries and equipment is now fully recognized as far from ideal as the block life is reduced through increased working temperature.
  • Cable Ways Ltd, has released a novel solution meeting the needs of both the network planners and the DC power engineers. By removing the batteries from the cabinet additional space is made available for use by system engineers to expand network capabilities and by placing the blocks underground the life expectancy may be greatly extended.
  • No longer is the backup time dictated by the available dimension constraints of a cabinet, now it may be fully extended to meet the demands of increased throughput network hardware.
  • The Temperature 1 – 2 meters below the ground surface is stable within a few degrees throughout the year so batteries suitably housed exist in a preferred environment.
  • Cable Ways Ltd has developed a modular format direct burry housing along with the necessary protocols and hardware to ensure simple subsequent access. A comprehensive kit is supplied for both direct bury or pit application.


The battery housings are ideal for use in cast pits where flooding occurs. They have base fixing and conduit access points and latch secured covers, with additional pad lockable security options.