Bare Fiber Alignment Module Bare Fiber Alignment Module

HU-125 Bare Fiber Alignment Module

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The HU-125 Bare Fiber Alignment Module (also known as Multipurpose Pigtail) is an excellent tool for connecting to bare fibers for the measurement of the characteristics of optical fibers.
It is designed for single mode (SM) or graded index (GI) bare fiber and can be connected easily and quickly – in just a few seconds. Importantly, its typical insertion loss is less than 0.3dB.
Under the premise “Time is Money”, the HU-125 is a great cost-saver – an outstanding feature of the device is that it provides rapid as well as accurate measurements.
Applications include connecting bare fibers to O.T.D.R. equipment, chromatic dispersion test sets, sources, detectors, transmitters, receivers, power meters, and fiber phones (for example for communicating during the installation of fiber cable).

The HU-125 may be used in:

  • laboratories,
  • factories,
  • and outdoor installations.

Bare Fiber Ends do not need special cutting tools – the fiber can be broken by hand or cut with scissors, although specialist fiber cutters give lowest insertion losses (refer to picture for examples)

HU-125-SM with FC/PC is the standard singlemode unit (9/125 μm fiber) and has approx. 1.4 meters of cable.

Singlemode connector options include FC and SC. PC and APC types are available HU-125-MM (the multimode unit) is available with 62.5/125 μm or 50/125 μm GI fiber and has approx. 1.4 meters of cable. Multimode connector options include FC and ST.

A cable length of approx. 3 meters is optionally available for all singlemode and multimode units.

    • Fiber Diameter: 125 +/-2 μm
    • Insertion Loss: typically < 0.3dB
    • Alignment Time: approx. 1 sec
    • Number of Insertions: > 10,000
    • Reflection Loss: typically > 50dB

Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 50°C