Secured Display Frame
NZ $1,546.88


Secured Display Frame

Designed and built in NZ for the Hospitality Industry, giving protection against theft, for use in areas of refined décor. Multiple levels of protection are incorporated into this novel low visibility design. Front escusion panels are created to suite individual displays, in colours to suit the surrounding environment.

Screen fixing centres between 200 < 725mm horizontally and 100 < 425mm vertically. Available in 3 sizes: 42", 50" and 65"

Product Code:
OMDWFSF-42 = 42" size
OMDWFSF-50 = 50" size
OMDWFSF-65 = 65" size

Product Specification

Some equivelent product options

Projector Cage

Projector Cage

The cage secures and protects from theft and physical impact damage. Versatile enough for almost any setting.

NZ $731.25
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