Projector Clamp Arms
NZ $126.00

Length  105 mm
 135 mm
 165 mm

Projector Clamp Arms

This novel range of adapters attaches to any standard or install projector mount. It clamp mounts a projector that has no mounting fixings.
Available in 3 sizes for projectors up to:105, 135 and 165 mm.
Simple and quick to fit. Leaves no marks on the projector and may be easily removed after use.

Product Codes:
#=Colour choice. W-white, S-silver, B-black

OMJCFGGC-#-(11) = 105 mm drop-projector size
OMJCFGGC-#-(14) = 135 mm drop-projector size
OMJCFGGC-#-(17) = 165 mm drop-projector size

Some equivelent product options

Standard 3 Arm Fixed Ceiling Mount

Standard 3 Arm Fixed Ceiling Mount

This universal bracket uses the "STANDARD" 3 arm head fitting, fitting all devices with mounting centers within a 335 mm diameter circle. Rated load < 12 kg, it is available in three drop heights and in three colors: Black, White and Silver.

NZ $178.88
Install 4 Arm Fixed Ceiling Mount

Install 4 Arm Fixed Ceiling Mount

Install 4 Arm Fixed Ceiling Mount

NZ $336.38
Fixed Wall Mount

Fixed Wall Mount

This wall mounted universal bracket is available with either the "Standard" or "Install" head fitted, making it suitable for domestic and professional installations where the throw is limited.

NZ $223.88
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