Cantilever Shelf
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Cantilever Shelf

Description Part Number 
1.5RU, 220 deep Cantilever Shelf RPS1922-1.5
1U, 330 deep Cantilever Shelf RPS1933-1
2U, 330 deep Cantilever Shelf RPS1933-2
2U, 430 deep Cantilever Shelf RPS1943-2
3U, 430 deep Cantilever Shelf RPS1943-3
4U, 430 deep Cantilever Shelf RPS1943-4

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These full height adaptors allow complete flexibility of equipment mounting, can be used with all shelf types. Includes 2 fans and thermostat

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Shelf with soft front face

Domestic shelf with soft front face 20.0 mm thick.

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Rear support bracket

Rear support bracket for the above shelves fitted to Midattantic racks

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