Cable Wall Boxes
NZ $60.00



Cable Wall Boxes

These in wall termination boxes provide a mount for a 230V socket and collection space for unsightly tails. 220 mm2 x 85 mm deep, it mounts to stud or nog.
An optional front cover allows its visible use behind wall swing arm mountings.
Available in Silver


Product Code:
OMWCB  - Wall cable box only without cover
OMWCBC - Wall cable box cover

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19' Power Outlets

19' Power Outlets

19' Power Outlets

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Wall Swing Arm TV Mount 10" < 22"

Wall Swing Arm TV Mount 10" < 22"

Double swing tilt arm for VESA 75/100 mounting centres. Suits 10 < 22" TV's up to 15kg.

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Rear support bracket

Rear support bracket for the above shelves fitted to Midattantic racks

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