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Full solutions for active media presentations.

  • New technology
  • Simple design
  • Works with easy with all computer systems
  • Versatile and effective

Digital signage answers the growing need in many industry sectors (eg: hospitality, retail, finance, live events,) in order to target a specific audience with customized messaging With the low cost of LCD panels, the ideal audio visual communication instrument to serve this need is required to make digital signage a most effective tool

Many integrators and service providers companies implement and maintain for their customers technical solutions where multimedia content is distributed over IP networks to LCD panels. Today, these solutions require for each LCD panel to be controlled by a personal or industrial computer with dedicated software.

With the use of our LightPath box, it represents for final users, integrators and service providers the alternative of choice to personal and industrial computers and dedicated software. The LightPath box simplifies the implementation and maintenance of effective and modern audio visual communication solutions for all types of purpose – advertising, hospitality,finance,live events,and stadiums.

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