Dual Handed USB Keyboard
NZ $938.00

Type  USB

Dual Handed USB Keyboard

Keyboard Congfigurations

Maltron and Dvorak dominant keyboards are only supplied with single layout engraved key tops - dual layout pictures are shown in many documents to illustrate the two layouts available - and may be printed as typing guides.

Keyboards can be configured to either use with,two handed, single handed, and Mouth Stick. They can be configured to be used in popular keyboard layouts such as: Maltron, Davorak, and of course QWERTY.

Additional Information

Due to the high cost of preparing, manufacture and stocking of key top sets dual engraved key tops are now ONLY available for QWERTY dominant / Maltron secondary UK and US keyboard layouts.

All key positions are specifically mapped in the keyboard irrespective of layout selected, no additional setup is required in the computer in order to use the keyboard.

Due to various software application dependencies which we are unable to support directly we are changing the USB keyboards so that they ONLY support the basic four Apple standard multi-media keys on the number pad. Some of the key layouts and pictures on this website will still show the additional multi-media symbols, but these are being phased out duringthe first half of 2008.

Some equivelent product options

Single Handed Keyboard

Single Handed Keyboard

MALTRON single handed keyboards have been developed as a logical step forward to meet the needs of those who must perform single handed keyboard operations.

NZ $759.00
Dual Handed USB Trackball KB

Dual Handed USB Trackball KB

A version of the fully ergonomic E-Type Maltron keyboard fitted with an integrated trackball in the central palm rest.

NZ $1,072.00

PC/2 Keyboard and Mouse to USB Adaptor

PC/2 Keyboard and Mouse to USB Adaptor

NZ $33.48
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