Mouth Head Stick Keyboard
NZ $759.00

Mouth Head Stick Keyboard


Push-On, Push-Off keys are provided for Shift, Control and Alt. MALTRON keyboards all have the ability to turn off key repeating at the keyboard if it is not wanted. If allowed by the software in use, the repeat rate can be set to SLOW, MEDIUM or FAST at the keyboard.


Other language layouts are available, and include:

  • Canadian-French,
  • English UK,
  • English US,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Norwegian,
  • Spanish
  • and Swedish.


The shape matches natural head movement and the key arrangement minimises finger or stick activity, raising speed and relieving frustration. An optional articulated arm holds the keyboard in almost any position to suit the head or mouth stick use.

Some equivelent product options

Expanded Keyboard with Integral Key-guard

Expanded Keyboard with Integral Key-guard

The MALTRON EXPANDED keyboard has been robustly designed with a strong steel construction to withstand heavy use, and a nylon coating for a smooth wipe-clean surface. It provides enhanced access for physically disabled and visually impaired users.

NZ $1,318.00
Dual Handed USB Keyboard

Dual Handed USB Keyboard

The Maltron "L Type" two-handed keyboard model updates our existing proven design with new key layouts and a native USB controller for native operation with both PC and Apple computers.

NZ $938.00
Dual Handed USB Trackball KB

Dual Handed USB Trackball KB

A version of the fully ergonomic E-Type Maltron keyboard fitted with an integrated trackball in the central palm rest.

NZ $1,072.00
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