About CCSL

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Tailored thermal solutions, using phase change, air to air and air to water heat exchangers,TEC and chillers.

  • Add ADSL2+ into existing cabinets quickly
  • Retrofit cooling solutions
  • Carbon friendly systems for solar sites
  • On-site installation

When you need to expand your infrastructure but you are restricted by cumbersome resource consent or limited budgets, Cable Ways can supply you with innovative solutions to maximise existing capacity.

Our CCSL Division has designed retrofit heat exchange cooling kits with flexible fan formats to allow simple on-site upgrades to existing equipment nodes. Through the provision of the RetroCOOL™, we can improve thermal management in existing infrastructure to allow additional equipment to be squeezed into your current deployments.

Using smart controllers, we have developed the science and maximised our thermo electric cooler outputs, whilst reducing power consumption

Finally, with the innovative Underground Battery Enclosure™, we can help you maximise your uptime where power supply is irregular and real estate is a premium. NOTE:  The range of our CCSL products will be available on our website shortly.   If you would like more information or a quote, please contact us by telephone or email.  Our contact details are shown below.

  • Phone: 0508 10 10 30
  • Email: sales@cable-ways.co.nz