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19" Orion cabinet

The ORION range of 19” and 23” equipment enclosures combines the well known Cable Ways functionality and rugged construction in an attractive and durable housing.

Cable Ways UniStar* family of aluminium extrusion forms the basis of the panel support structure. All panels are removable and lockable, with front door security enhanced through the use of three point locking and swing lever handle.

  • Sturdy construction using fully adjustable 2.5mm thick mounting rails.
  • Fixed or removable side panels.
  • Removable side panels secured with single point lock.
  • Doors hinge either left or right. 180 degree door opening.
  • Extendable front stabilisers for sliding shelves.
  • Transparent, plain or mesh door options.
  • Thermostatically controlled fan options.
  • Bayside joining configurations.
  • Three standard colours - blue trim (shown), two tone  “mist grey” and black.
  • Seismic options available.

Seismic Cabinets:
ORION seismic cabinets and racks are designed to international specifications for seismic activity.
Seismic ratings are met irrespective of doors and side panels being  installed. They are subject to correct installation. The Bellcore GR-63-CORE compliancy test must be conducted with the customer installed equipment and cabling mounted before zone certification can be issued by the testing agency.
*Contact Cable Ways for information on design guides and procedures

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