EosG Series
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EosG Series

Range Summary:

The Eos plus range of gel technology batteries offers outstanding performance including a 15+ years design life. The Eos plus series batteries is designed based on the Eos series. Using the polymer gel electrolyte.Built to the highest standards and compliant with the latest IEC60896-21/22 standard.

This range also offers 100% capacity out-of-the-box and is capable of handling deep discharges for complete peace of mind. The use of flexible connectors and the ability to be installed both horizontally and vertically allows for multiple installation possibilities.

Technical Features:
  • Above 15 years designed life
  • Reliable post sealing structure
  • Excellent charging acceptant ability
  • Excellent performance at extreme high and low temperature
  • Low self-discharge ability
  • Flexible and convenient installation with slinky outside looking
Compliant Standards:
  • IEC60896-21/22
  • BS6290 part 4
  • Telcordia SR4228
  • Eurobat guide
  • UL
  • Manufactured under system ISO9001(TUV)
Battery Installation Compliant With:
  • EN 50272-2 or local equivalents
Main Applications:
  • Correspondence exchange and transmission system
  • Mobile communication system
  • Power plant and power transformer system
  • Navigation and signaling system
  • Solar energy system
  • Radio and broadcasting station
  • Emergency lighting system
Products Characteristics:
  • Plate special patent calcium and tin lead alloy and thick plate design
  • Container ABS(V0 optional)
  • Separator AGM
  • Valve EPDR
  • Electrolyte using the polymer gel electrolyte
  • Terminal M8 copper core posts

Some equivelent product options

HRG Series

HRG Series

The HRG range gel batteries adopt Flat plates with gel electrolyte.

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AcmeG Series

AcmeG Series

The AcmeG range front access gel batteries is designed based on the Acme series, using the polymer gel electrolyte with real front access structure.

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MPG Series

MPG Series

The MPG range gel batteries are designed with front terminal structure. The perfect design ensures MPG series battery the high reliability and makes the installation quite simple and safe when placed on a standard relay rack tray or in a closed cabinet. Adopt Flat plates with gel electrolyte.

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